Together we are stronger!

As individuals, we cannot usually influence our employer very much. But together, organised in a trade union, we have much more power.

Only when organised into a union can we collectively negotiate our labour rights and fight for higher wages and better working conditions than those stipulated by law.

Most material entitlements (such as the transport allowance; leave; and Christmas and years-of-service bonuses) are not stipulated by law but provided for in collective agreements.

If we cannot come to an agreement with employers, or if they do not want to negotiate at all, we can organise industrial action and apply other forms of pressure. Industrial action is a legally permitted means of putting pressure on employers, and no-one can be punished or discriminated against for participating in it. It can be organised only through a trade union.

Trade union membership allows us to be informed about our labour rights but also to receive free legal assistance if we suspect that employers are not respecting them.

Trade union rights are fundamental human rights. Workers’ right to organise trade unions and the right to collective bargaining and industrial action are guaranteed by, among others, the Constitution and the Labour Act.

The strength and success of a trade union depend on the number of members and their willingness to engage in union work – that is why every member is important to us.

Only together can we fight for better labour rights and for their respect in practice.

Join today, because together we are stronger!


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Only when organised in a union can workers collectively bargain with the employer about their wages and working conditions and organise strike action if they cannot agree with the employer on these issues.

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