Occupational health and safety

Occupational health and safety

Occupational health and safety comprises a set of measures and activities that provide safe working conditions, without endangering workers’ life and health. The aim of those measures is to prevent risks and injuries at work, occupational diseases and other work-related damages.
Employers are obliged to prepare a risk assessment for every workplace, regardless of the activity or job involved. Furthermore, there are certain occupational health and safety rules for every workplace which are binding on employers and/or workers.

Employers are required to organise occupational health and safety and are responsible for implementing it. This includes continuous risk assessment; the implementation of preventive measures; the training of workers to work in a safe manner; and providing safe working conditions, including safe premises, safe machinery and necessary protective equipment.

Employers must bear all the costs of occupational health and safety and may not charge workers for them.

In the case of any work-related injury or illness that has occurred through no fault of the worker, the employer must provide compensation for the damage suffered due to the injury or the occupational disease.

Workers are obliged to perform their work with due care. In doing so, they must take care of their own safety and the protection of their own health, as well as the safety and the protection of health of other workers who could be put in danger by their actions or omissions at work.

Every worker must respect the safety rules in place and use the prescribed protective equipment.

If the occupational health and safety measures which have been established are not implemented, workers have the right to refuse to work. They are entitled to their wages for the time in which they do not work due to such a failure, but the employer is entitled to assign them to other appropriate tasks during that time.


Only when organised in a union can workers collectively bargain with the employer about their wages and working conditions and organise strike action if they cannot agree with the employer on these issues.

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